About Seva

Service. Sustainability. Spirituality.

About Seva Business Networking

Networking is the foundation of our group. We believe that community builds support and that networking is a form of building community.

We network in the same way we run our businesses and live our lives, with intention and connection.

We share our resources and we collaborate as part of our networking through the use of Seva dollars. Every Seva dollar allows another member to share their skills and to exchange services with other members. We know each others' work through direct experience and then are able to tell others about it.

Seva's mission is to bring together local business owners and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to networking and growing their businesses based on the principle's of service, sustainability and consciousness and who wish to support other members who wish to do the same.


What Makes Seva Different?

Seva's purpose is to network our businesses, exchange referrals, grow our businesses and connect with other business owners. The structure of the meetings includes some similar elements to other networking groups.

That said, the foundation of Seva is the way in which we wish to grow our businesses. Our members desire to network mindfully, using conscious business practices, and to be able to refer business to other members who share similar values. Seva focuses on connection between business owners with the goal of taking this foundation of connection out from our networking group into our businesses and our lives.

Seva believes in collaboration in networking. While many other groups only allow one type of each business type into their group, Seva believes that many people in the same business sector can collaborate and support each other even better than those from other business types!

Seva believes in abundance in networking. There is more than enough business and referrals for each member. We can trust the flow in networking by building solid and connected business relationships with each other. We begin to see our businesses flourish both directly and indirectly.